Action alert: time to choose: talks or war?

It’s time for Congress to choose sides. We’re at a crossroads, and the decisions our government makes could have costs in dollars and even lives. We’ve blocked a bad bill for now that politicians and pundits thought was a sure thing. But with talks for a permanent deal with Iran starting up this month, […]

Action alert: time to go on offense

The momentum is on our side. The Senate sanctions bill that Iran hawks sold as an inevitable victory is stopped in its tracks. President Obama used his high-profile State of the Union speech to mount a strong case for diplomacy and renew his threat to veto counterproductive sanctions. […]

Action alert: they’re at it again

I’m starting to think some senators are crazy enough to want a war with Iran. How else do you explain the 59 senators who are cosponsoring a bill that could be so damaging to negotiations that President Obama has already threatened to veto it? Tell your senators NOT […]

Iran deal in danger. Call now!

We told you the opponents of the Iran deal weren’t going to take this huge diplomatic victory lying down. Unfortunately, we were right. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is planning to introduce a bill to torpedo the Iran deal this week.  He wants to micromanage the administration’s diplomacy and put deal-killing expectations […]

Keep it going

“This administration, like Neville Chamberlain, is yielding large and bloody conflict in the Middle East involving Iranian nuclear weapons.”  I wish I could say these were the words of an irrelevant fringe commentator, but they came from Illinois Senator Mark Kirk (R) in response to the Obama administration’s […]


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