Take Action: The Senate’s Rogue Letter to Iran

Just when you thought Congress couldn’t get any more dysfunctional … Today, 47 Senate Republicans directly contacted Iranian leaders threatening to spike any agreement Iran signs. [i] Some legal scholars are saying the contact is not just unconstitutional, it’s illegal. [ii] But its intent is clear: destroy diplomacy. […]


Netanyahu’s Strangelovian Speech: A Call to War

Today, as P5+1 and Iranian negotiators sweat the details in Switzerland, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu finally addressed a joint session of Congress on the dangers of a reaching a “bad deal” with Iran. Since House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu in January, the speech has received […]


Ask Congress to Cut the Nuclear Pork

This is nuts. We deserve a budget that reflects our nation’s priorities.  Don’t you agree? Many Americans’ priorities include essentials like: Health care, education and jobs. Given that, why does the current budget request squander resources on a 10% increase in nuclear weapons activities? The total spending would […]


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