The U.S. military expanded its war against the Islamic State late Monday by sending waves of warplanes and launching Tomahawk missiles into Syria to attack an array of targets in an aggressive and risk-laden operation that marks a new phase in the conflict. (Reuters)

Peace Action West Statement: U.S. Airstrikes in Syria

Here’s the statement we sent out to the press right after the airstrikes began in Syria today. For Immediate Release: 9/22/2014 Contact: Jon Rainwater, Statement of Jon Rainwater, Executive Director, Peace Action West Oakland, CA- “These airstrikes in Syria represent a dangerous escalation of a war without […]

A crew member guides a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter taking off from the deck of U.S. aircraft carrier USS George Washington during joint military drills between the U.S. and South Korea in the West Sea

Urgent: don’t bomb Iraq

John McCain is shaking his fist angrily and calling for military action. Lindsey Graham is invoking terrorist attacks and describing American air power as “the only option.” The president is huddled with his advisers considering military options for Iraq. Did we just travel in a time machine to 2003? […]

Action alert: wars are not gym memberships

Our longest war just got even longer.  President Obama just announced that the US will have boots on the ground in Afghanistan for another 2 ½ years. When Congress voted to authorize the war way back in 2001, they surely didn’t know they were authorizing a 15-year occupation. […]


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